I’m a Georgia native with a nac for anything that involves organization, creativity, and brainstorming. Becoming a Virtual Assistant was quite natural for me. I’ve spent years setting up websites, learning new platforms and managing projects. Along with making my hobbies a career, I wanted to be able to offer business owners and start ups reasonably priced services to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling. I am very strategic in all that I do, whether you need help with emails, phone calls, writing or scheduling I’m here to get the job done and ease your load.

What is a Creative Engineer?

One day I was told that I have the mind of an engineer, which probably comes from my father (a mechanic). I also love using my imagination, hence my design degree. And there was the birth of my new title Creative Engineer. If you have an event or project coming up that needs a pop of awesome, I am your girl. Don’t settle for simple when it comes to your business or brand. Let’s brainstorm and set up something amazing!


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