What happens to my children when I am gone?

Part of being a parent is answering hard questions. Today we are talking about what happens to our children when we leave this Earth.


You’ve done the right thing by choosing god parents for your little ones but what’s next??? God Parents are the ones you chose to take care of your children in the event you are no longer with them. These individuals already have their own responsibilities and most likely their own children. If you die they will now be the sole care takers for your children. Will they be financially fit to do so?

This is where life insurance comes into play. Most call it burial money but that is simply not true. Life Insurance is for the living, the ones you leave behind.

If you die too soon, your children will be loved immensely by their God Parents and financially fit because of your choice to buy a life insurance policy.

If you die when your children become adults you have just spread Generational Wealth to them, their children and their children. All because you made the choice to buy a life insurance policy.


There are 3 reasons indviduals do not have life insurance:

  1. They think it is too expensive.
  2. They don’t think it is important
  3. The just haven’t gotten around to it


Simple Math

$500,000 Life Insurance Policy – $20,000 Funeral Cost= $480,000 Left To Your Children

Don’t go another day without looking into all of your life insurance options. There is a plan for every budget big or small. You can’t afford to leave your loved ones with nothing. I couldn’t imagine leaving my little ones behind.

The Thomas Babies!


I still can’t believe they were ever this little.


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